Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech to the world parliaments and to the nations had a positive effect. Ukraine has become not only the main topic of world media attention and discussions on social media, but has also found a response in many nations on different continents.

However, today the tactics of appealing to the nations are tiring out. International institutions are guarding the old world order and are unable to provide anything but drawing new “red lines” (warnings) that Putin is easily overcoming. Nations are joining slowly, it takes time and extra effort to strengthen pro-Ukrainian positions so that they become an electoral reality.

Ukraine had an offer to become a member of the G20. It is worth taking into consideration and creating a new agenda.


– Raise the bar. Go beyond the help and position of a victim.

– Talk about the future of the postwar world from the viewpoint of all humanity.

– Act as a forerunner of the future agenda, which the old world desires but is afraid of.


– People in Ukraine have proved that they chose freedom, even at the cost of their death. We oppose slavery. That is why we say the same thing to nuclear Putin as our fighters on Zmiinyi Island said to the Russian ship. A nuclear strike on Ukraine will not lead to capitulation, we will fight until our hearts are beating. This is the response of free people. The war in Ukraine is a war for freedom and justice in their original, pure meaning.

– The war, which was viciously started by the aggressor, showed the inertia and slowness of almost all international institutions, the system of international law – the modern architecture of the world in general. This architecture simply does not keep up with the “fast world”, and draws back under the pressure of animal nature. The long-cultivated thesis of the supremacy of “institutions and procedures” degenerated into the supremacy of “bureaucracies”. And, in the end, Humanity lost its humanity.

– Our struggle has awakened unprecedented Love and humanism. Support, donations, help. Not only in Ukrainians, but also in many other nations. When you lose your home, money, assets – you realise that the value of this is exaggerated. Humanity is important when you are welcome in another house, your children are looked after, your wounds are treated without insurance, your home is defended against a common enemy.

– The world will be different after the war. It will not be the same as before. And politicians should be aware of this. It will not be possible to rebuild the old institutions and the world order. Other principles of coexistence on the planet are in demand. We need to realise ourselves as Humanity. Not as a set of national egos, but Humanity as a whole in the diversity of cultures.

– The nuclear threat and climate change have become super-relevant and a matter of everyone’s concern. In the post-war world, it is necessary not only to prevent the expansion of nuclear weapons, but to carry out real nuclear disarmament. Because this is our common responsibility to civilization. The alternative to civilization is a century of wars of “all against all” and barbarism.

– Solving the climate issue. First of all, the ban on Russia’s energy supplies: oil, gas and coal, which raises questions not only about alternative fuel sources, but also about new technologies – the green transition, consumption and new, less energy-intensive industries. It leads to reducing consumption and changing lifestyle. This is our responsibility to Nature. For example, to transfer areas strategically important for the climate to global governance: the taiga in Siberia (Russia), the Chornobyl zone and the Crimea (Ukraine), the Amazon (Brazil), Antarctica and more.

– Zeroing economic and political models. Search for fair governance. Overcoming the separation between a man and a state. The future we must call for –  is a just world, a new economy based on complementarity, cooperation, not competition; republican share, not social subsidies; real democracy, not political technology.

– Comfort and the illusion of security have become valuable in some countries. And these “values” began to weigh more than freedom and rights. We saw this during the pandemic. “Habitual comfort” keeps these countries close to Russian gas and oil. And they can’t cross their own line. And it will depend on them how quickly these nations will enter the future and at what cost.

The theme of the Future and Humanity allows Ukraine to act as a visionary on any platform through Zelensky. To act differently from Western politicians who are forced to speak in institutional constraints. This will speak to people, as Zelensky will show another quality of a politician than the usual bureaucrat. The semantic series will break the patterns and involve intellectual circles, philosophers, artists, agents of global change in the discussion. In turn, they are leaders of thought, so broad segments will be involved in our paradigm.

from the series “Letters from the #Ashram“, April 9, 2022

art autor Olga Haydamaka

Vitalii KULYK


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